In the Community

We are committed to reaching underrepresented communities to improve health and wellness through education and research. Here is a glimpse of the work that we are doing in our community.


30th Street Senior Center Project

UCSF Staff in the Memory & Aging Center Community Outreach Program have built a strong partnership with the 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco’s Mission District, through the presentation of brain health-related lectures and workshops for the English- and Spanish-speaking patrons of the center. ​Since January 2019, the Healthy Aging team has been exploring options to make participating in research more accessible for vulnerable older adults, which have so far been focused on developing and piloting an on-site cognitive testing program at the 30th Street Center. Through this program, the team offers one-on-one sessions at 30th Street in which center members complete informed consent, computerized and pen-and-paper memory and thinking tasks, and research questionnaires. We are continuing to develop this program, with the ultimate goal of engaging the community, increasing brain health literacy, and garnering interest among patrons for further research participation.

30th St. Senior Center - Dance Class


30th St. Senior Center - Garden 


30th St. Senior Center - Haircut


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Annual Symposium at the Downtown Oakland Senior Center

The Downtown Oakland Senior Center (DOSC) is another center where our MAC Outreach team has developed a strong working relationship through lecture series and events related to brain health education. Since 2018, the Hillblom research team has partnered with the wonderful director of DOSC to host an annual educational event in an effort to engage the community, build trust, and encourage older adults in the Bay Area community to participate in research. Reaching over 200 patrons, past events have focused on the topics of mental health and sleep, and have included scientists and professionals from UCSF, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Kaiser.

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Downtown Oakland Senior Center - Veterans Memorial Building


Downtown Oakland Senior Center/UCSF event Mindfully (2018)


Healthy Aging Team Outreach Talks, Presentations, and Research Projects

Presentation Locations:

• Mission Neighborhood Centers

• 30th Street Centers

• Atchinson Village

• Bayview Commons

• Sequoia Living Senior Housing

• San Francisco Village

• California Alliance for Retired Americans

Presentation Topics: 

• Overview of the Brain, Aging, and                   Dementia

• Overview of our Research

• Lifestyle and the Brain 

• Cognitive Reserve

• Loneliness and Social Isolation

• Self-Esteem and Gratitude

• Intl. Day of Awareness of  Elder Abuse and    Mistreatment

Research Projects:

Some of our team presented a poster about the 30th Street Senior Center collaboration at UCSF's Health Disparities this year. 

Click below to see the poster:  

Crossing Brain Health Barriers



Research Education Event Presentations

 "Healthy" Brain Aging

What it is and How to Get it

Presented by Dr. Kaitlin Casaletto

 Modifiable Factors to Promote Healthy Brain Aging

AKA, things you can do!

Presented by Dr. Kaitlin Casaletto

Healthy Aging and Prevention  

Presented by Dr. Joel Kramer