Downtown Oakland Senior Center
The MAC Outreach team has developed a strong working relationship with The Downtown Oakland Senior Center (DOSC). Since 2018, the Hillblom research team has partnered with the wonderful team at DOSC to host an annual educational event in an effort to engage the community, and encourage older adults in the Bay Area community to participate in research.

2020 Symposium - A Good Night's Sleep

Rest, Relaxation and Sleep During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Presentations: (click images below to see the powerpoints) 













Speaker Tips For Better Sleep:

Good Sleep Habits

Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday

Get Sun Exposure in the Morning 

Go to Bed Only When Sleepy

Keep the Bedroom Dark, Quiet and Cool 

What to Avoid 

No Caffeine After Noon Time 

Restrict Fluids and Food 3 Hrs Before Bedtime

Avoid Alcohol Atleast 3 Hrs Before Bedtime

Do Not Smoke Within 6 Hrs of Bedtime

Avoid Screens Within 2 Hrs of Bedtime 

Video Recording of the 2020 Symposium: