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Here are some of our lab's favorite publications from the last year. If you'd like to see more, please let us know!


VandeBunte A, Gontrum E, Goldberger L, Fonseca C, Djukic N, You M, Kramer JH, Casaletto KB. (2022).

Physical activity measurement in older adults: Wearables versus self-report

Paolillo EW, You M, Gontrum E, Saloner R, Gaynor LS, Kramer JH, Casaletto KB (2022).

Sex Differences in the Relationship between Perceived Stress and Cognitive Trajectories

Saloner R, Fonseca C, Paolillo EW, Asken BM, Djukic NA, Lee S, Nilsson J., ... Casaletto KB. (2022).

Combined Effects of Synaptic and Axonal Integrity on Longitudinal Gray Matter Atrophy in Cognitively Unimpaired Adults 

Staffaroni AM, Quintana M, Wendelberger B, Heuer HW, Russell LL, Cobigo Y, Wolf A, ... Boxer AL (2022).

Temporal order of clinical and biomarker changes in familial frontotemporal dementia

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